Smart classes provide tools & content for interactive self-paced learning guided by teachers. It’s an ultimate technology that allows learning through audio-visual stimulation coupled with freedom to manipulate and modify the lessons as per individual needs.
We have been successful in bringing technology into all our classrooms, integrating it into the students’ everyday life with the introduction of interactive classes . These allow students to interact with lesson content while allowing teachers to integrate a range of different resources into their lessons. The classroom transforms into an interactive forum for sharing experiences among students, thus helping in widening their analytical faculties.
Smart Classes include the screen, a Projector that is connected to the screen, and a control panel that connects other electronic peripherals. It is a large screen that is connected to in-class computer. One can display Internet pages, Microsoft documents, etc.. It has a lot of flexibility in various applications in teaching and school presentations.
Smart Classes are designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas and increase information retention. Data that is produced on the boards can be saved to a USB drive or printed material.
Teachers who teach students with different learning styles can use Smart Classes to provide a (literally) hands-on learning tool, giving students a colourful multimedia system that allows them to use their hands to manipulate images on the screen.
Smart Classes give teachers an edge to incorporate technology into the classroom; this multimedia solution increases productivity and the learning capabilities of participants.
The SMART class allows teachers and students to work at their technological potential in all subjects.