Activity Room

School  has aesthetically

designed  well  equipped

separate     rooms       for

activities as art and craft,

theatre ,   dance ,   music,

yoga,  and  Playroom   for


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Play Ground

Growing  Children  need  to  be  provided with avenues to

channelize their abundant energy resources.  Sports and

games  provide  appropriate  learning  platform  to imbibe

essential    life  skills  required  for  the  task  of   effective

growing up.

School   has   an adequate playground for outdoor games

with  facilities  as   Cricket   field  ,  Football . Besides this

facilities for indoor games is prevalent .



Smart Classes

Smart classes provide tools & content for interactive self-paced learning guided by teachers. It’s an ultimate technology that allows learning through audio-visual stimulation coupled with freedom to manipulate and modify the lessons as per individual needs.
We have been successful in bringing technology into all our classrooms, integrating it into the students’ everyday life with the introduction of interactive classes . These allow students to interact with lesson content while allowing teachers to integrate a range of different resources into their lessons. The classroom transforms into an interactive forum for sharing experiences among students, thus helping in widening their analytical faculties.
Smart Classes include the screen, a Projector that is connected to the screen, and a control panel that connects other electronic peripherals. It is a large screen that is connected to in-class computer. One can display Internet pages, Microsoft documents, etc.. It has a lot of flexibility in various applications in teaching and school presentations.
Smart Classes are designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas and increase information retention. Data that is produced on the boards can be saved to a USB drive or printed material.
Teachers who teach students with different learning styles can use Smart Classes to provide a (literally) hands-on learning tool, giving students a colourful multimedia system that allows them to use their hands to manipulate images on the screen.
Smart Classes give teachers an edge to incorporate technology into the classroom; this multimedia solution increases productivity and the learning capabilities of participants.
The SMART class allows teachers and students to work at their technological potential in all subjects.


Class Room

Class   rooms   at   Vaibhav   Academy ,  Patel   Nagar   Extension,

Mulayam   Nagar ,  Indira  Nagar, Lucknow are lavishly spacious

workshops   for  learning.  Each  class room has activity corners

to   allow   access   to   relevant  information required for concept

clarification.   Each   student   will   have   their  personal   storage

space  in  the  classroom  that  encourages  them to be organize

and  responsible.  Furniture is specially designed to cater to the

needs  of  growing   children   of   all   age  groups .  Classrooms

not only act as centres  of  collaborative  learning   but   also   as

arena  where our students can take stock of their strengths and weakness, opportunities and challenges, respond creatively, take decision and master the tricks of self development.

notice Nw 2

Regarding Admission

Admissions for current session  are in progress for Classes Pre Nursery to IX.

Parents/Guardians can collect the application form from the school office from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. on payment of Rs. 500/.

Registration form is to be filled and submitted to the school office within three days of issue of Registration Form along with registration fee of Rs 1000/. At the time of registration following documents are to be submitted to the school office.

  • Photocopy of Birth certificate.
  • For class II and above photocopy of previous 3 years report cards.
  • For class II and above, transfer certificate to be provide at the time of admission.
  • Visiting /Business card of parents.
  • Passport size photographs (Five of the student & one each of the parents).
  • Incomplete or illegible Registration Forms, without photograph will not be accepted.
  • Admission to all classes in the present session will be through observation/interaction with the student and the parents followed by written assessment to take stock of the strengths and weakness of the child.